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Stetson Honyumptewa

Stetson Honyumptewa’s journey to mastering kachina doll carving began at his birthplace, in the pueblo village of Moenkopi, Arizona. Here on the Hopi Reservation, kachina doll carving is a celebrated craft – one that is also deeply spiritual. For centuries, these carved religious figures have served as teaching tools, and like generations of Hopi children before him, Stetson learned from them Hopi beliefs, traditions, and mythology.

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Crow Mother Ceramic Ornament


Crow Mother Porcelain Magnet


Crow Mother Oven Glove


Crow Mother Candle


Crow Mother Coaster Set


Crow Mother Lunch Bag

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Crow Mother Pot Holder


Crow Mother Napkins


Crow Mother Suitcase

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Crow Mother Glass Tray

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Crow Mother Clipboard


Crow Mother Laptop Sleeve

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