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Robin Jones Wall Calendar - 2024


Keep track of important dates and special events with Robin Jones 2024 wall calendar. 

Closed:  11.5"h x 14"w
Open:  23"h x 14"w
12 month calendar
January 2024-December 2024

January - The Roof of the World
February - The Heart That Breaks Open Can Contain the Whole Universe
March - That You're Part of This Place
April - The Triumph of Love
May - You Are the Universe in Ecstatic Motion
June - There Are Hundreds of Ways to Kneel Down and Kiss the Ground
July - Going Back From Whence We Came
August - The Warrior Whispers Back, "I AM the Storm"
September - The Light of Knowledge
October - The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets to Tell You
November - This Oil I Cannot Drink
December - Nice Day, Pretty Colors

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