extra, extra, read all about it....


Extra, Extra, Read All About It..... Well Blue Rain Gallery has done it again: they have curated another incredible show that breathes new life into contemporary Native American art. Glass dynamo, Preston Singletary has paired his talents, passions and interests with that of Marcus Amerman—best known for his beaded accoutrement loaded with pop art reference and social and political juice--to create an expository and exploratory show based upon forms and symbols of the ancient Mound Builder cultures of North America. If you are unfamiliar with the legacy of these ancient peoples, as many are due to lack of historical preservation, this new body of work should not be missed! Click on http://www.blueraingallery.com/artists/preston_singletary for a preview of the show.

Huitzilopochtli says...

More need to know about this culture. Should be amazing!

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