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Dr. El Ocio's Exit

by Jim Vogel

web # 13078

Original Paintings

Oil on canvas panel with salvage wood and antique tin frame

66"h x 32"w; framed: 80"h x 48"w

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All successful showmen know a dramatic exit is just as important as an auspicious entrance. “Hog-jockey!” Dr. El Ocio roared from where he was standing on top of the L-O-C-O-motive’s cowcatcher, “Cut the lights, feed the furnace, stick it in the ninth notch and blow that full head of steam!” The engineer rang the bell in response and moments later the train lurched forward. Aggravated, as always, by the train’s sluggish departure Dr. El Ocio called out again. “¡Ándale! ¡Apúrate! ¡Vámonos!” The Doctor’s excitement increased in tandem with the train’s speed. By the time it was moving fast enough for his top-hat to fly off into the wind, as had happened so many times in similar circumstances, he was in a state of manic exultation. He stabbed his hoof-tipped cane at the bolts of lightning exploding in the stormy skies above and laughed at their cowardice, for none dared to reach down and strike him dead.

Matt Fagan says...

Breathtaking!!! Works on so many levels.

Barbara Loveland says...

I love everything about this painting!

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