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The Indian According to Hoyle 2

by Chris Pappan

web # 13200

Original Paintings

Acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel

30"h x 24"w

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This piece speaks to 2 myths: First is the idea that all American Indians are homogenous in our culture and lifeways. This is what an Indian looks like, "...according to Hoyle" which is a term that means its the "end all, be all" definition. The term's origin comes from the rules of card games written by Edmond Hoyle in the mid 1700's. This leads to the second myth: the casino boon to sovereign native nations, and that all Indian casinos make a lot of money so all of our problems are solved. But we know that's not true, sure there's been some success, but only for few. There are always at least 2 sides to a story and nothing is cut and dry as people would like. -Chris Pappan

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